Hi. I have a problem with running kotlin script fr...
# scripting
Hi. I have a problem with running kotlin script from Intellij with custom template. I added discovery file to the project, as a result IDE see the script with custom extension and I am able to navigate to methods defined in my custom script template. But when I try to run the script with run configuration I see the Error: “error: error processing script definition class com.some.scripting.CustomScriptTemplate: Unable to construct script definition: Expecting KotlinScript annotation on the class com.some.scripting.CustomScriptTemplate” My CustomScriptTemplate has this annotation. I’ll appreciate any help. @ilya.chernikov do you have any idea?
Unfortunately run configurations for scripts need more attention. Coul you, please file an issue in YT, and we'll try to check what could be done.
Thanks @ilya.chernikov