Project Skate, my experimental scripting-oriented ...
# scripting
Project Skate, my experimental scripting-oriented project with Kotlin, is available as stated above. I still recommend KScript if you're not on Windows, but learning from this has been well worth my time. Hopefully there are some things that could be pulled out into KScript and perhaps other projects. There's several well-separated modules in here for making IntelliJ projects, compiling Kotlin, and resolving Maven dependencies. I couldn't get
proper files working - for whatever reason, the embedded compiler wouldn't compile them but the standalone one would. Also couldn't figure out how to get them playing well with plain IntelliJ projects. I'd love to learn more about the topic if anyone has information I couldn't find.
have you tried to instead name them
? then idea can look up the Configuration for them from the dependency and even compile them as you edit giving you the option to directly give the user feedback via red or green bars in idea
I'm not even using a configuration at the moment, but I might need to for it to work. I guess plain KTS files just can't be used directly by IntelliJ? At least in context of the other files in the project? I'll have to do more research. The standalone Kotlin compiler can handle KTS files fine without one - it compiles it into a class with the arguments as constructor parameters.