Have some Compiler Configuration for the final nam...
# scripting
Have some Compiler Configuration for the final name and package of the script? I want to change the package of her, I change the name in the FileScriptSource but is compiling with underline. Is compiling to:
I change ``/`` to ``.`` and not work too. @ilya.chernikov can help me?
Sorry, I overlooked your initial message. For the package you can use regular
directive in the script. There is no configuration for a default though. Could you, please, file an issue about it. Name is taken from the ScriptSource interface, but not the package.
I opened an issue about it: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-30893 I hope my english is not so bad :S and hope that's what you want
Thank you! Everything is fine with your issue.