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# scripting
@egorand you mentioned having 0 experience with kotlin scripting and want to check it out, please check out my repo here: https://github.com/NikkyAI/MinimalScriptingExample
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I've got some examples of kotlin scripts that are runnable like bash scripts here https://github.com/yschimke/okurl/blob/master/src/test/kotlin/commands/
Various tools e.g.
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data class Contributor(val login: String, val contributions: Int, val avatar_url: String, val url: String)

val repo = args.getOrElse(0) { "square/okhttp" }

val contributors = runBlocking {

contributors.forEach {
  println("${it.login}: ${it.contributions}")
awesome, thank you!
interesting, you can actually use shebangs in Kotlin scripts, does script runner actually process them?
is this something we should support as well?
This is old tech, I might want to look at how things have moved on. I think I might have stripped them in that script runner. But they are editable still in Intellij, I just run straight from the command line.
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I don't think I'm stripping that line, so I guess the #! is supported
@egorand the scripting i am thinking of is the KEEP in the topic, okscript, ksrcipt, etc are mostly using the outdated JSR 223 i think