10/24/2018, 7:01 PM
@ilya.chernikov is there any feature i am overlooking that allows me to add extra .kt files to a script compilation ? the alternative would be to append it to the script that is being compiled which does not seems very clean


10/24/2018, 7:47 PM
No, unfortunately there is no such feature. The planned feature for some quite near future is a script import. But other than that there is nothing like this planned. If you have a compelling use case, I guess it could be fruitful to discuss it e.g. here:


10/24/2018, 8:36 PM
my usecase is importing autogenerated code, mostly constants that cannot be known at the compiletime of the script without some insane gradle plugin steup where i compile a library out of them and doo magic to somehow make it all go in order without blowing up also put that into a comment on the KEEP
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