Hi <@U0CHHN4F4>, i can use the experimental new AP...
# scripting
Hi @ilya.chernikov, i can use the experimental new API for scripting now? what artifacts i need use? i'm using the older version of script, the Script Definition Template and the artifact org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-script-runtime. How i make IntelliJ resolve the script file?
Hi @SrSouza! You can use it, but it is not easy at the moment. I’d wait until appropriate dev artefacts will land on bintray, and I’ll prepare some more samples and some description. But if you really want to try it already, you can start with the samples in the
folder in the kotlin project. You’ll need to build the Kotlin project and install artefacts into mavenLocal (
./gradlew install
will do), and you’ll need Kotlin IDEA plugin built from the latest master.
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Thanks for the help 😁