ouch... I don't think I ever tried reloading my pr...
# scripting
ouch... I don't think I ever tried reloading my projects after doing that! Thanks for the tip @ilya.chernikov, I'll test that out when I get the chance and report back. When you say "based on the metadata", do you mean using the `ScriptAnalyzer`s introduced in the latest proposal? Also, does this discussion happen elsewhere or is it an internal JB thing? Would very much like to get involved in that if possible. We're using scripting very heavily!
I mean that we scan some jars for META-INF files and load script definitions based on the info found.
The discussions are not very active now, due to various more important activities, but I hope to switch to the new scripting completely soon. There will be some internal discussions, but I’ll try to organise as much public discussion around the KEEP as possible, and it seems to me that the KEEP issue https://github.com/Kotlin/KEEP/issues/75 will be the main place for that. And of course - you’re welcome to take a part. It is great that the kotlin scripting is in use now, and I hope we’ll make it better and simpler with that KEEP.