I am trying to work on a pull request that will im...
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I am trying to work on a pull request that will improve TS declaration generation. I'm struggling however with the tests. The tests for the TS generation seem to be in
. The readme there tells me I first need to run the box tests via JUnit. I don't know how to do this. I ran
task from
however it takes forever (I gave up and stopped it after like 1200 very slow tests.... can I filter these somehow?). I ran
, which seems to be much faster (it's still running, at 4000 tests now...), however it has failed tests (again how can I just run the tests that I want to?). Additionally, I have no idea how I would go about making my own set of tests in the
set? Do I just copy one of the existing folders and go from there? Thanks for any insight! ­čÖł
Is it Gradle? If so, you can specify test classes to run with
--tests <testSpec>
parameter: https://stackoverflow.com/a/31468902/1349855
Yeah, but even if that works, I have no idea which tests I need to run.
did complete, it ran thousands of tests as well...