Another thing I was wondering is how could we crea...
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Another thing I was wondering is how could we create an automatic javascript wrappers to use in Kotlin. For me the hard thing to include Kotlin in the javascript stack is about the wrappers. So I was wondering, could we create a tool, for example, that could inspect a javascript library a create a wrapper for it automatically, even without types? Or could we have an autocompletion (on IntelliJ, for example) that when we link a library (using ‘external’ or something like that) we achieve an autocompletion (exactly what happens when we are using javascript in IntelliJ)? So I don’t really know the goals or how can I help but I’m very interested on this. Someone can point me the direction?
Something close we do in
Also, you can try to infer types from JS code. By writing type inferrer for JS or by using existing, like Flow.