Hi, I am trying to make a change where parentheses...
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Hi, I am trying to make a change where parentheses are also deleted after deleting the last unused constructor parameter. So basically
class TestTestTest(val param: String)
class TestTestTest
instead of
class TestTestTest()
. I have been able to do so by these changes(https://github.com/shubham2892/kotlin/commit/1b8674496721d301819fdbc17ce1eeda27a83775) but I am getting the above error. I am having hardtime understanding how the
method call is acquiring the write lock.
shubham2892: This is not a correct fix.
is the representation of a method in the Change Signature dialog; changing this object should have no effect on the actual code. Removing the parentheses should be performed when the refactoring applies the changes.