02/09/2019, 10:47 AM
@hhariri I have built my app based on anko. Many people here feel it is abandoned. Is Anko going to be updated for AndroidX? Apart from words and personal impressions: Github reports the androidx branch under the “*stale*” tab. No branch is reported as active. Should I ditch months of work and stop using anko?


02/09/2019, 12:42 PM
Yes, you should ditch months of work. 🧌 On a more serious note, Anko will stay forever, so if you decide to stop using it for new code, previous code won't break. Java not being really maintained for years (especially from an Android developer standpoint) has never been an issue for existing projects, even those that adopted Kotlin, same for many libraries (unless they use deprecated/removed APIs). Anko should work with AndroidX using jetifier. If you want something that is maintained, I advise you to use the KTX artifacts of AndroidX. I would also suggest you to try an alternative to Anko I built which is called Splitties, moved to AndroidX, and is maintained actively. It has extensions like Anko commons had, and has a Views DSL like Anko layouts (but made differently to be lighter and more flexible).
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02/10/2019, 7:46 AM
First off, I agree with @louiscad in that independently of anything, I would not throw months of work out of the window. If something works for you, I don’t see a reason to ditch. However, in terms of the actual project itself, I’ve pinged the team, including @yan and I’m sure he’ll get back to you ASAP.
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02/11/2019, 9:07 AM
@louiscad, I'm impressed by the number of Splitties available. How much of your time this took?


02/11/2019, 9:23 AM
@miha-x64 I didn't count… 😅 The project itself saw its first release more than 2 years ago, but started to get serious in late 2017. Lots of hours spent on it for sure, over the years. My goal is to remove as much as boilerplate as possible from software projects, and I'm starting with Android.


02/14/2019, 1:21 PM
@nickk @vyacheslav.gerasimov recently worked on supporting AndroidX. I don’t know the current status, but suppose there shouldn’t be much work left. He is absent till the next week, so I suppose we will have the exact answer in Monday.
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02/14/2019, 1:22 PM
@yan Thanks! Anko is amazing, I can see no reason for letting it die slowly.


02/18/2019, 3:41 PM


02/18/2019, 5:43 PM
Anko is not abandoned and I have plans to finish androidx support. Sorry that it takes so long, had some more urgent work to do. Also, feel free to send pull requests if you want to fix or improve something, I’ll process them asap.
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