Hey all! I’ve posted an issue on the anko github (...
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Hey all! I’ve posted an issue on the anko github (https://github.com/Kotlin/anko/issues/311) that has a couple of my colleagues at Jongla scratching our heads. It looks like the type of black magic that is usually won’t even compile (missing method implementation) but is only caught at runtime. Perhaps there’s some sort of reflection error? The code in question is pretty simple. Alternatively, if anyone has a working implementation of
, I'll take it!
mikesol: This may be a proguard issue. Did you find the solution?
Hey @louiscad! Thanks for your reply. The only solution I found were the workarounds proposed in the issue… But I’d be interested if adding something to proguard-rules.pro helped.
From the issues, this looks like the "ctx" property is not initialized/accessed properly from anko. This code should rely on some code not to be proguarded
Can you show me a snippet of your release and defaultConfig closures of your app's `build.gradle`file, please?