I upgraded from 0.37.3 to 0.38.2 a few days ago an...
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I upgraded from 0.37.3 to 0.38.2 a few days ago and have started seeing some
being thrown. It's only a few hundred out of many millions of calls, but it's still odd. This column is definitely not nullable, and I have confirmed there is proper data in every row. Anyone else seen this?
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	at org.jetbrains.exposed.dao.Entity.lookup(Entity.kt:193)
	at org.jetbrains.exposed.dao.Entity.getValue(Entity.kt:173)
	at com.company.user.data.Profile.getBirthDay(Profile.kt:19)
It's looks like this in code:
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object ProfileTable : LongIdTable("profile") {
    val birthDay = timestamp("birthDay")
    // etc

class Profile(id: EntityID<Long>) : LongEntity(id) {
    companion object : LongEntityClass<Profile>(ProfileTable, Profile::class.java)

    var birthDay by ProfileTable.birthDay
    // etc
So the error and your table confirms the claim that you expect this column is not nullable. However, line 193 of
implies that the
for this given row in this executed query, either didn't include this column, or RDBMS side the columns value is null. What exactly does the schema for this column in this table look like?
And what call chain was used to build and execute the query?