Martin Gaens

    5 months ago
    Does anybody have any good example projects where there's Ktor used in combination with Exposed, and where I could find good examples as to how I can do CRUD properly? I can't seem to understand what would be a good way to send a JSON object from the browser to the server and then using the
    plugin to deserialize and edit an entry in the database.
    Ron S

    Ron S

    4 months ago
    Hey, there we go again. When I started with Ktor I read through the source code of Github projects using Ktor and Exposed. I collected various impressions and figured out my own way to do it.https://github.com/search?q=ktor+exposed https://github.com/Rudge/kotlin-ktor-realworld-example-app https://github.com/TouK/kotlin-exposed-realworld those are the first I found I know there is too little examples on the web