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Austin Paquette

07/17/2021, 2:44 PM
Hey, there's an issue on this already but no response (and nothing on the roadmap) about the ability to have a many-to-many reference setup where the junction table needs an additional attribute, I cannot find anyone else that has tried and succeeded. I'm not quite dangerous enough with Kotlin (yet?) to implement such a feature myself so I was hoping to get some guidance on some options. 🧵
My structure is basically the following:
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// Person
- id
- fullName
- ...

// Play
- id
- type

// PersonPlayJunction
- person_id
- play_id
- type <--- I cannot access this
The person could be anyone involved in any play, say a goal is scored. That play would have the shooter, and the defender cataloged. The relationship works as expected (and documented) BUT the nature of their involvement is where I cannot find a graceful solution that makes sense. The
could be – for example – either
in this case, I fully realize that I could make additional queries for this but I'm asking here first before I start jumping at solutions like that.