Hello :wave: Is there an interest in adding some c...
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Hello ­čĹő Is there an interest in adding some convenience functions to the library for enums support? For eg. postgres implementation could look like :
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class PGEnum<T : Enum<T>>(enumTypeName: String, enumValue: T?) : PGobject() {
    init {
        value = enumValue?.name
        type = enumTypeName

inline fun <reified T : Enum<T>> Table.postgresEnumeration(
    columnName: String,
    postgresEnumName: String
) = customEnumeration(columnName, postgresEnumName,
    { value -> enumValueOf<T>(value as String) }, { PGEnum(postgresEnumName, it) })
So that column declaration looks like :
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internal object MyTable : Table("my_table_name") {
    val enumColumnA = postgresEnumeration<MyEnum>("column_name", "postgres_enum_name")
We are going to introduce seprate per-database modules for such cases to not noise the core module.