```override fun modify(item: User): CompletionStag...
# exposed
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override fun modify(item: User): CompletionStage<User> {
    return supplyAsync {
        transaction {
            Users.update({ Users.id eq item.id }) {
                it[name] = item.name
                it[gender] = item.gender
                it[first_name] = item.firstName;
    }.thenApply { return@thenApply item }
Is there a way to simplify an update transaction on object properties, i feel it is repetitive to keep on writing : it[name] = item.name it[gender] = item.gender ?
I think you want to use https://github.com/JetBrains/Exposed#dao-sample instead of the DSL variant
@adamd Thanks, i think that library solves the problem i explained, however i'm currently not keen on using a library for this at the moment, but it's worth knowing there is a library that solves this. Thanks
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