Hi, I'm writing an IDEA Plugin for which I wish to...
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Hi, I'm writing an IDEA Plugin for which I wish to derive automatically Synthetic Descriptors given a decompiled kt file that is on the build folder. An external process is generating new binaries in the build folder and idea is not recognizing properly new classes and functions. Is there a plugin out there that does something similar keeping the Editor in sync with the build folder contents ? Thanks !
you might give a look to the sqldelight plugin, I don’t think it is 1:1 with what you describe but I know there was a bunch of effort put in there to make the IDE experience great
Thanks Trevor, I'll take a look but it declares itself as a Lang I was hoping this would be an easy override of a service that allows me to add the build files I care about as files for the synthetic resolver which I don't see declares in the sqldelight plugin. It's a great plugin though and I'm sure will inspire us. Thanks for sharing