Hi, I plan to work on a idea plugin, but I really...
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Hi, I plan to work on a idea plugin, but I really like to do the build with gradle. I looked over the examples of gradle-intellij-plugin plugin. All is fine as long as I run the plugin tasks. But what I would like to do is to create a run configuration for the plugin. Trying to do this lead me to the following error in the run configuration dialog: No plugin module specified for configuration. 1. Is there a way to handle this in Idea 2. better, a) can I use idea gradle plugin to apply the plugin facet to the project module(S), and b) create a run configuration for it, c) make the idea task a default one. Thank you in advance for your comments/suggestions.
what run configuration you tried to create? if you use gradle-intellij-plugin it should be Gradle run configuration with :runIde task
Hi, When I run the runIde gradle task a gradle type run configuration is created automatically by Idea. What I would like to create is a plugin type run configuration (or even the gradle based one) with the idea gradle plugin, to simplify the way a, say, contributor installs and run the plugin.
Moreover I noticed there are some (important) differences between a new gradle based idea plugin project versus a one created by the plugindev plugin
If I get you right look at here: https://github.com/elpassion/mainframer-intellij-plugin we have created our own runConfigurations
@jtonic I’m not sure if you get notification when only answering to you in a thread, so I will mention you, just to be sure