:wave: I'm trying to run `./gradlew dokkaJavadoc` ...
# dokka
đź‘‹ I'm trying to run
./gradlew dokkaJavadoc
following the multiplatform configuration specified here https://kotlin.github.io/dokka/1.6.0/user_guide/gradle/usage/#multiplatform but the following error:
Pre-generation validity check failed: Dokka Javadoc plugin currently does not support generating documentation for multiplatform project. Please, adjust your configuration
Is this a known defect?
Javadoc doesn’t (and probably never will) support MPP projects. This is a design decision as format is not capable of elegantly displaying many platforms. If you really want the javadoc then you can only generate it for 1 platform by suppressing other in gradle
Yeah I'm fine with just generating javadoc for the jvm target, but am unable to do that
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tasks.dokkaJavadoc {
    dokkaSourceSets.configureEach { suppress.set(true) }

    dokkaSourceSets.getByName("commonMain") {
this generates the html stuff, which I find surprising
or does the javadoc capability not support multiple sourcesets?
hmm as far as a i remember there was a possibility to have more sourcesets but they had to be on either JVM or common platforms. Why do you do it this way instead of just enabling commonMain and jvmMain?
my work build requires that everything used in our monolith has doc strings, so our new MPP project's -jvm target must have an associated javadoc jar. I'd like to just enable commonMain and jvmMain (I think my code block listed above does this) but the
is just an empty directory in