I'm upgrading from dokka 1.4.20 to 1.4.32 and I'm ...
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I'm upgrading from dokka 1.4.20 to 1.4.32 and I'm having trouble with the multimodule version of my custom plugin. The plugin compiles alright and all the partial tasks correctly generates their output file. The multimodule task does not work though. The output from gradle shows.
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Initializing plugins
Dokka is performing: documentation for Pangea
Validity check
Creating documentation models
Exiting Generation: Nothing to document
There are directories created for each module, but they are empty. The Dokka documentation, https://kotlin.github.io/dokka/1.5/user_guide/gradle/usage/, says to use
but that documentation is for 1.5 (at least I assume that is what the 1.5 in the URL means). and the extension point does not exist in 1.4.32. Doesn't seem like there is a 1.5 release and I cannot find any documentation for 1.4.32. What is the proper way to configure a plugin to work with the multimodule gradle tasks?
The solution I came up with was to override
and use
if it is a single module and instead use my own custom one if it is multimodule. This would then not depend on source sets and quit early like
I think i am lacking context what your plugin does. Why would you like to override the whole generation?
The default generation only works for the single modules (it's even in the name). Since when the plugin is invoked on the multi module task, the source sets are empty, and the render step is skipped.