I'm not sure if this question belongs here or in <...
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I'm not sure if this question belongs here or in #codingconventions, since it's about KDoc style. Feel free to send me there. The Javadoc style guides (Oracle and Google) contain specific rules, such as: • Method descriptions should be in 3rd person (e.g., "_Checks_ the parity"). • Descriptions of parameters and return values should not end with a period. Are best practices to apply these same rules when using KDoc unless a style guide explicitly says not to? (For example, the Android Kotlin style guide says there's no need to document obvious methods, like
. The examples on https://kotlinlang.org/docs/kotlin-doc.html#kdoc-syntax put periods at the end of descriptions:
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 * A group of *members*.
 * This class has no useful logic; it's just a documentation example.
 * @param T the type of a member in this group.
 * @property name the name of this group.
 * @constructor Creates an empty group.
I'm teaching a capstone programming project course (in Kotlin, for the first time). Should I tell my students to follow the Javadoc rules or to emulate the example above?
Hi, there are no such guidelines now for KDoc. I'd say that it's totally fine to follow the Javadoc rules in order to have a consistent style in a mixed Java/Kotlin project
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