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Action required (*)* Hey folks! 👋 I'm at the homestretch, finalizing the roadmap for Dokka. Most of the questions are answered but I really need your help with these few: 1. Why is a consistent design style important? (do not confuse with navigation) 2. What navigation features are you missing in version 1.4.30? Why exactly these? 3. What Java-related features are you missing in version 1.4.30? Why exactly these? My ultimate goal is to make Dokka stable in the nearest future, but without your feedback I'm literally can't do so. 🙃 Feel free to share your thought in a thread or message me. Thanks!
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1. Replied in DM 2.1 Fuzzy search for packages/classes/methods 2.2. Navigation to source 2.3. Work without JavaScript. This is docs, not application. In general I think dokka should be just underlying plugin for kotlin gradle plugin. Library developer should not be concerned about it or have to apply it manually. Every Kotlin Gradle project which builds successfully, should also be able to generate API docs without additional config. In the end it would be nice to have centralized docs hub for Kotlin as all other modern language ecosystems has. e.g. https://docs.rs/about it scans and builds docs for all packages without lib authors intervention.
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Will GFM format still be supported? Because all above questions are HTML related.
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Is response to audriusk's feedback: I don't think navigation to source is necessary. It increases the size of the generated docs, and git clone/GitHub UI etc. will always be a better way to browse source.
@msink it depends on users feedback. Kotlin and it's ecosystem based on you, folks, so the more responsive you are, the better product we have)
I disagree with your statement @AJ Alt, just like for external doc, we could feed Dokka the project url, and it'd simply permalink to the source on GitHub, Gitlab or other repo.