Hello guys! Is there any way of changing the copyr...
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Hello guys! Is there any way of changing the copyright created by Dokka? I’ve seen some people talk about creating a plugin for that. Is there any thing so I can take a look into? Because the documentation about that is not that clear
Yes, you need to create your own plugin for that. I've started doing a template for that: https://github.com/Kotlin/dokka-plugin-template/pull/1/files Please remember to include DokkaBase plugin as your dependency. Documentation on creating plugins is available here: https://kotlin.github.io/dokka/1.4.20/developer_guide/introduction/ You need to override this code in HtmlRenderer: https://github.com/Kotlin/dokka/blob/9a9af0c97681c9981bbbeb498bf53d4523993c1d/plugins/base/src/main/kotlin/renderers/html/HtmlRenderer.kt#L722
Thanks for the answer @Marcin Aman, however I’d like to have that template reside inside my already set up project and I haven’t been able to do so. I removed almost everything from the
in order to have it there, but I’m still having some struggles on how to have it correctly running. If you were to add that plugin-template to an already existing project, what would need to be changed? Because I’m most certainly missing something.
You can just add a Gradle (sub)project as a Dokka plugin, IIRC the syntax is as follows:
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dependencies {