Hi all! I have issues with code samples in my libr...
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Hi all! I have issues with code samples in my library documentation. I'd like to use 
 to reference sample code. Here's my setup: • build.gradle.ktslibrary codesample code When running
./gradlew dokkaHtml
I get
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Cannot find descriptor for package ChipSamples
Cannot find PsiElement corresponding to ChipSamples.chip
The code samples are not picked up by dokka. Neither are they visible in the documentation popups in IntelliJ projects which use my library. Some questions I have related to dokka configuration: • Do I have to specify a list of files or can I specify a directory in
? • Is the file or path in
absolute or relative (and if so relative to what directory)? • What am I doing wrong? Any help, hints or comments are highly appreciated!
Could you try referencing those samples by fully qualified name? For this example it would be
Afaik list of files would work since we the kotlin analysis should just traverse it. Paths can be absolute or relative, relative from the project's directory. I can help you with the setup but I am not able to build your project due to the lack of dependencies (
). Is it possible for you to add the resolver to this library? Or point me where i can get it
Thanks @Marcin Aman! Will try to use FQN. BTW the dependency lives here: https://github.com/hpehl/fritz2-elemento.
Thank you so much @Marcin Aman! Using FQNs did the trick. I can see my samples now in the generated documentation 👍
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