Hi all, have you tried to generate Javadoc for the...
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Hi all, have you tried to generate Javadoc for the sealed class? The gradle log said:
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For Environment: expected 1 page, but got 2
And rendered Javadoc with 2 rows for the
sealed class. Here's class:
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public sealed class Environment(internal val url: String) {
    public object QA : Environment("<https://QA>")
    public object PROD : Environment("<https://PROD>")
As I understand, there's
that spits out the line above, but I believe it is just a side-effect of having 2 of the same
. Is this a real bug, or "undocumented behaviour"? Thanks
I think this is more of a notification that we have two page nodes with the same name and thus the same path, however this message doesn’t make too much sense in this context, so just ignore it 😉
The rendered page has 2 "Environment" items and duplicated objects: