Hi, I am using dokka 0.10.1 and I noticed that th...
# dokka
Hi, I am using dokka 0.10.1 and I noticed that the file
contains absolute links which means I can’t share this file (put it on github). It is the only file generated by dokka with absolute urls to my machine (
). Is this working as intended? (Hopefully not, or there’s a config I missed) I found this PR which could be related: https://github.com/Kotlin/dokka/pull/325
this is my config:
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dokka {
    // <https://github.com/Kotlin/dokka#using-dokka>
    outputFormat = 'html'
    outputDirectory = "${project.rootDir}/documentation"

    subProjects = ["mvflow-core"]
    configuration {
        jdkVersion = 8
        reportUndocumented = false

        sourceLink {
            // Unix based directory relative path to the root of the project (where you execute gradle respectively).
            path = "./"
            // URL showing where the source code can be accessed through the web browser
            url = "<https://github.com/pedroql/mvflow/blob/master/>"
            // Suffix which is used to append the line number to the URL. Use #L for GitHub
            lineSuffix = "#L"
I checked the dokka code sample [1] and could find the same problem (absolute paths from my machine being written into one html file). I doubt this is the intended behaviour. I can raise an issue on github but first I would rather have some confirmation here that I am not missing something obvious. 1: https://github.com/Kotlin/kotlin-examples/tree/master/gradle/dokka-gradle-example