Hi there. I'm tyring to customize the configuratio...
# dokka
Hi there. I'm tyring to customize the configuration for my multiplatform project but I can't figure out based on the docs how can I configure individual platforms (
in my case). I'm using the Kotlin DSL so I don't have things like
jvm {}
<-- this leads to a compile error. What I have now:
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tasks {
    val dokka by getting(DokkaTask::class) {
        outputDirectory = "$rootDir/dokka"
        outputFormat = "html"

        multiplatform {

            jvm { // compile error

How do I fix this? Another problem I have is that I have a multi-module project and i'd like to generate docs for 3 subprojects (but not the root) and I can't seem to find the option to ignore the root project. Alternatively: can you point me to the project documentation or example projects? The examples on the GitHub page are not enough to figure out how to properly configure projects (especially ones which are using the Kotlin DSL).
Hi! You have to register it. An example for Kotlin DSL is in the readme, we also have an example project with Kotlin DSL linked there. Basically you have to call
register(<name>) { <config> }
I’m sorry to hear that you find the documentation lacking. Could you tell me what should we add or change? As for your second problem: you have to configure dokka in each project separately or configure dokka once manually (set
disableAutoconfiguration = true
and provide appropriate
I’m afraid we don’t have more at the moment
what's lacking is the Kotlin DSL examples from the docs. There are some for Groovy, but there is no equivalent for Kotlin.
For example on the Gradle website there are tabs for each so you can see both at the same time.