Dokka has a lot of papercuts. There are a ton of o...
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Dokka has a lot of papercuts. There are a ton of open issues on github for fairly major features (linking across modules, distinguishing between function overloads, image embedding), but very little activity on the project, especially compared to something like coroutines. Is JetBrains actually using this tool for their own documentation? Is there any roadmap to a 1.0 release?
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JetBrains actually uses Dokka for generating documentation on and for kotlinx.coroutines There is no public roadmap on Dokka till 1.0 yet. But right now we are working on multiplatform support for next release
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Right now the development of new features is slow because we need to refactor Dokka for better extensibility. This is a major change, so it could take a while but it'll be worth it. 🙂 The multiplatform support will be coming shortly, it needs to be tested on some Kotlin libraries. After this release there will be the one with refactoring and extensibility. Then the features you mentioned should be relatively fast to implement If you currently have some issues which we can help with, let me know 😉
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Awesome! I’d been considering trying to jump into the codebase myself, but sounds like it would be better to just hold off until the refactoring is done. Thanks for the update!
@Kamil Doległo what kind of “refactoring for extensibility” are you looking to do? I’m asking because I’ve been working on a formatter to produce JSON instead of the normal webpages/markdown, and am curious to know if this formatter would help give the kind of extensibility you’re looking for?
We're not done discussing that but basically we plan to create some endpoints for plugins like new formats. I'll definitely look at your work
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