Hey all. Just wondering, is it possible to use Dok...
# dokka
Hey all. Just wondering, is it possible to use Dokka with only the JVM part of a multiplatform project (for now)? I can't quite get it to function property in my buildscript.
yes, using it myself in a MPP only for JVM
Ooh. Do you happen to have an example of how to set it up in your buildscript? I'm flailing about here achieving nothing. ­čś×
Not the best example as I am using a utility plugin for dokka: https://github.com/robstoll/atrium/blob/master/build.gradle#L142
hope it helps otherwise share your code
Ah... I am still using the old MPP plugin, things are different there. The utility plugin won't help you I guess
I would guess that you can register the dokkaTask within the
jvm{ ... }
closure but I guess you tried that right?
I did try that, it always gives me the error
Could not determine the dependencies of task ':docCommon'.