I was taking a look at trying the latest 1.5.30 sn...
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I was taking a look at trying the latest 1.5.30 snapshot as a fix for an issue in 1.5.30-M1 did not make it into 1.5.30-RC. When I look on sonatype's snapshots though, I'm a little confused by the versions here. What is the "255" suffix? Should those be used as the latest snapshot of those minor versions?
A bit unrelated: 1.5.30-RC will be there ~today Hm, unfortunately right now we don't have the builds for 1.5.30 and similar versions on snapshot repo. Only for builds from master (and that would be 1.6.255-SNAPSHOT) 1.6.255 was picked, because it it greater then 1.6.20 & 1.6.30 versions. I.e. SNAPSHOT version should win over them.
got it, thanks for clarifying. I'm a little caught between because there are breaking IR changes that prevent me from trying 1.6.255 but the fix I want to test is targeted for 1.5.30 release and missed 1.5.30-RC 😅
Could you share the issue number? We could check then that the fix is targeted to 1.5.30.
https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-47833 -- (checked already and discussed in DM)
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