Could we get release candidates between EAPs and r...
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Could we get release candidates between EAPs and releases? Although I like to provide help and try new fixes, improvements or features, I can't always do so as I need to produce stable library releases, and don't always have the time to try it on staging/production apps/software. RCs would give me a signal to test for critical last minute issues, and I would know I can expect a stable release in the days following if I don't find something critical and others don't, preventing 1.x.01 bugfix following releases in some cases. For 1.3.30, I was using EAPs, but for 1.3.40, I didn't have a chance to try before release. Thank you anyways!
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Thank you. I've reposted this to our internal slack for consideration. Personally I'm agree. Last releases we had internal policy that the 3rd EAP should be in fact the RC. But this "in fact" may be really not obvious and maybe not so strict in practice. Until we declare RCs formally, you can wait for EAP3 during release cycles.
Hi! Thank you for your help. Usually, we have 3 EAP releases. So, Alexander is right, 3rd EAP should be a release candidate. We use it, to fix issues, found in previous EAPs and ensure, that these artifacts good enough for the release. But there might be exclusions. For example, if we’ve found some major issues, which are needed to have been checked before release. In this case, you can consider 3rd EAP as an RC, and report to us critical issues, if there is any.
Thanks for the info and consideration! Is there a reason you limit yourself to 3 EAP versions most of the time?
If we will add EAP versions it will take more time for the whole release. So it will take more time to deliver some features to users, who don’t try our EAPs. On the other hand for now, 3 EAPs is enough to stabilize the release, get some feedback from you, and ensure, that all fixies are good. Maybe we will review this process later.
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