<@UAV6BQPP1> i am pretty sure all functions on lin...
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@Allan Wang i am pretty sure all functions on line classes are also inlined when possible, so specifying inline there seems redundant
The docs define it as calling length using a static method, so I figured it would be different from actually being inline
can val even be inlined ? not sure there.. f it can then yes it would be better
A val with a getter can be inlined
On the JVM, static calls are inlined anyway. There is no performance overhead. This is called premature optimization ­čÖé
A bit off topic, but does that mean that every extension function is inline, since they become static calls? Do static methods not contribute to method counts at all?
Static methods of course add method counts same as inline functions. You still need a way to call them from Java or using reflection. The only exclusion: inline functions annotated with
annotation which is internal and not available for you own code, only for stdlib
@Nikky no, functions on inline classes are not inlined by the kotlin compiler
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