Hi all! We got a taste of hosting an in-person Kot...
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Hi all! We got a taste of hosting an in-person Kotlin conference in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and we're hungry for more! This time we're going BIGGER! The 2nd edition of Kotlin Dev Day will be hosted in the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam on May 19th. • Main Stage will have a capacity of 700 people • Stage 02 will have a capacity of 300 people So if you are looking for a stage where you can speak, interact, and engage with real people that also love Kotlin, submit your talk! Side note, this will be a not-for-profit event. We will donate all profits to something related to the Kotlin community. Suggestions are welcome 🙂 Direct link to the submission page: https://sessionize.com/kotlin-dev-day/
Maybe pick a few open source Kotlin projects that do not have corporate maintainers (or devs paid to do it as part of their job) and donate to them?
That is actually a very good idea! I'll put it on the list 🙂