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Interest in speaking / presenting
@Holger Steinhauer [Mod] Hey everyone, my name is Kishore Reddy.  I just found this channel and the messages about speaking spots for Kotlin and I'm interested in presenting some topics. I've presented at various meetups in New York City on a range of topics in the past, but I've been very focused on Kotlin for the past several years doing 
 Kotlin on Server + Android for mobile apps. I'm specifically interested in presenting  topics that I'm actively working ( listed below ). If these are aligned w/ any of your events / areas of interest, then I'd definitely like to chat and discuss presenting at a future meeting. I'll also DM a few organizers here. Thanks! Background I work on a fairly large and modular open-source Kotlin Server Framework called Slate Kit ( kind of like a light-weight, Spring framework in 100% Kotlin, to build Apps, APIs, Jobs, CLIs ), with some modules* *that can be used for both Server + Android ( not yet mutliplatform ). It was extracted out of a start up ( the original startup is no longer around ), and made open-source. It continues to be used in production for  server + mobile app development. Topics
Slate Kit - Kotlin Server Framework
This is the server framework ( for Console Apps, Apis, CLIs, Jobs ) mentioned above, its stable at this point and available under Apache 2.0 Githttps://github.com/slatekit/slatekit Sitehttps://www.slatekit.com/
Functional Error-Handling
Accurate modeling of Success and Failure states in Kotlin using 
 , its a component I designed similar to Kotlins *Result*<T> and/or other ones in Swift/Rust but works differently. This topic can be presented less on the component and more so about the various concepts and approaches to error-handling. Githttps://github.com/slatekit/slatekit/tree/main/src/lib/kotlin/slatekit-result Sitehttps://www.slatekit.com/arch/results/
Universal APIs
This is about building APIs using an relatively new/but very simple approach that allows your APIs to be available as Http/Web APIs and/or also available on the command line, or set up to handle events from a queue. Githttps://github.com/slatekit/slatekit/tree/main/src/lib/kotlin/slatekit-apis Sitehttps://www.slatekit.com/arch/apis/ Thanks, -K
Sounds great!
What timezone are you in?
Hey @Holger Steinhauer [Mod], I'm in US/Eastern ( New York City )
The #vkug session usually happen on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7 PM CET. This should be 2 PM for you then, correct?
Yeah, that's correct
actually, it looks like 1pm in EST.
Hi Kishore, would you be free to give a talk on 2/23 745 820pm (CST) (should be your 2/23 6:45am)? I am the organizer of Kotlin Taiwan User group. Thanks much.
Hello @Kishore , Sounds great!. Do you have any video for this presentation ? I want to watch about your tech talk.