Is anyone from JetBrains on here? I have an event...
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Is anyone from JetBrains on here? I have an event that is on the upcoming talks page and it's for the wrong date... The link is correct and gives the actual date, but the date on the is not. I didn't see any suggested ways to correct it on the site...
Unless they changed it from the time I did this originally, we’re reading the events from here: If your event is there, just submit a PR with the new date and it should be fixed. If it’s not, let me know.
thank you
the events.xml file has the correct date.... 2017-04-26, but the website has April 25
A few are like that... events.xml has 4/26 and the website has 4/25
"Kotlin and Android Development - How do we use Kotlin in our Cookpad Android app?" is another one...
Hi John! I’m in charge of the page and I’ll check what's wrong. Thank you for notice!
No problem, thank you for checking.
Looks good now. Thank you.