Does anyone TDD hackerrank/leetcode/interview codi...
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Does anyone TDD hackerrank/leetcode/interview coding questions?
I do
But actually because I TDD everything, so It's easy for me to TDD an interview question
is environment ever an issue? e.g. you won't know if their environment has JUnit 4 or JUnit 5 or Hamcrest or AssertJ,etc etc
Environment is sometimes an issue, yes. My last code interview, for the place I work for today, we used
Kotlintest + Kotlin
It had Kotlintest 2.2. It's now almost at 4.0
And I had no clue on how the syntax worked for that version
I had to improvise and write tests using
// this is my test
Environment is sometimes an issue, yes.
For this reason, it seems a bit risky to me I have failed interviews for running out of time more than once.
I did have to improvise, yes, but in my experience, it was never that kind of thing that got candidates cut out from the process. For this company I work, we don't care that the person is confused for 30 minutes on how to make a test run. We care that they can't find the minimum element of an array for 40 minutes, even after understanding how the environment works
That's good that your company is like that. Many are not and will fail you for running out of time/not getting a completed, compiling program
The TDD in AS is super slow
At least for me - it takes seconds to create method by alt enter or run the test