What are legitimate reasons (real-live benefits) o...
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What are legitimate reasons (real-live benefits) of migrating Android tests to Junit5… something besides the fact that number
is cooler that number
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The way you can write tests change
You can write more expressive tests, which will make your tests more easy to mantain
And you can use frameworks, such as #kotlintest which depends on JUnit 5. That can bring you more benefits
Parameterized tests. Better support for multiple extensions (rather than runners and rules). Nested classes. Better runner that supports junit4 and 5 and others all in one run. Method and class constructor injection of various items. So there are concrete improvements and you can use both with the platform runner and vintage runner so it's not either/or decision. Kotlin test uses the platform right now, but they're going to create their own as they're experiencing limitations in the junit platform.