02/02/2021, 5:15 PM
@Samkeene just a late thank you, Sam, for your template from way back September. I had only one tweak to get it running on my side: IntelliJ wasn't using the 15 jdk to run Gradle. I did make a couple of minor changes afterwards, but they're about my testing preferences. Had I done it myself it would have taken hours and been garbage. Yours took me 15 minutes and and I actually understand it. So. Big props! Folks, if you want openJdk 15 and openjfx 15 and tornadofx 2, this is a nice tight gradle template.


03/16/2021, 3:54 PM
Just saw this, and thanks. Now that javafx 16 is out I should go through this and update sometime soon. If I remember the choice of test libraries was an arbitrary choice based on what TestFX suggested :)