I would very much love to see a company sponsor so...
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I would very much love to see a company sponsor some development on TornadoFX. Edvi seems to be very busy, which is completely fine and I appreciate a lot all the hard work he has done! But it would be nice if this project had a bit more backing of some sort, to make it more viable for the future.
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TornadoFX is useful in some way, but it is poorly designed for general use. The very idea of using the "builder syntax" is cool but debatable, and its limits show up here and there. TornadoFX should be dismembered in a few separate libraries, as Kotlin has its "standard" libraries for serialization (kotlinx.serialization) and HTTP (ktor), and most non-trivial applications already require a full-fledged dependency injector.
So, for one thing, its set of feature is probably outdated. For another, its design makes some unstated assumptions that are probably valid for the kind of applications the author writes but are less useful in general. It seems to be thought for "business" applications, probably.
Hmm. =/ Would you consider using JavaFX directly from Kotlin a better choice?