what do folks use to deploy/bundle/distribute torn...
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what do folks use to deploy/bundle/distribute tornadofx applications? I wanted to distribute a binary for the three major platforms without the users needing to install jre before
gradle application plugin - you need to adjust it so that it captures and jre
in general, we need to do 3 tasks in gradle, and in them we need to tweak the plugin settings
don't forget you need the 3 different platforms
I use Install4J which is commercial
thanks everyone! @Bogdan are there any public examples?
@voldyman If you are happy with a 'Runtime image' as opposed to an 'Installation package' then you can use the 'Badass Runtime Plugin'.
This plugin consolidates all your dependencies and bundles them alongside the appropriate JRE
Such that you can distribute a single ZIP file containing everything needed to run, for each platform.
Note this is counterpart to the 'Badass JLink Plugin' - where each serves the equivalent purpose for non-(Java)-Modular and Modular Applications alike.
Oh, also, I use FXLauncher