Dariusz Kuc

01/13/2021, 2:15 PM
Hello 👋 Anyone else is hitting a problem that Gradle 6.8 cannot resolve platform specific Kotlin module? Trying to bump up Ktor dependencies to 1.5 (from 1.3.1) ( What is odd is that if I wipe out my Maven
it works initially but then it subsequently fails (i.e. only sees
which fails the build as it needs
). Chain of events (from the linked PR GH build action): • manually wipe out
and start a build • project A and B are build fine and are able to resolve the
artifacts • integration tests kick in for maven and gradle plugins - maven tests work fine - gradle tests (using GradleRunner) fail to resolve
artifacts • project A and B cannot be build anymore and are unable to resolve the
artifacts Locally • wipe out the
• build project A or B from command line using Gradle wrapper - works fine • reload project in IDEA (which uses Gradle wrapper) -> cannot resolve the
note: downgrading Ktor back to previous version (
) in the above PR works fine