11/30/2020, 7:02 PM
I have a Gradle 6.7.1 KMM build that consistently dies when I run a build, however there is nothing useful in the daemon log nor any java VM crash reports -- how to find out what is happening?
[... some compiler warnings (no errors)...]
The message received from the daemon indicates that the daemon has disappeared.
Build request sent: Build{id=c8792bd7-5af3-4c02-bf85-cfcc33bfdd87, currentDir=/Users/raman/source/foo/iosApp/Pods}
Attempting to read last messages from the daemon log...
Daemon pid: 6471
  log file: /Users/raman/.gradle/daemon/6.7.1/daemon-6471.out.log
----- Last  20 lines from daemon log file - daemon-6471.out.log -----
[...same warnings as above, no other useful errors]
----- End of the daemon log -----
BTW, this started happening when I updated one of the dependencies: