09/16/2020, 10:01 PM
Hi everyone! I am in the process of switching my libraries to Kotlin 1.4.10. One of these used annotation processing. And now the task :kaptKotlin fails with the following error:
> Task :meta:kaptKotlin FAILED

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':meta:kaptKotlin'.
> error in opening zip file
I am using gradle 6.6.1.
Gradle 6.6.1

Build time:   2020-08-25 16:29:12 UTC
Revision:     f2d1fb54a951d8b11d25748e4711bec8d128d7e3

Kotlin:       1.3.72
Groovy:       2.5.12
Ant:          Apache Ant(TM) version 1.10.8 compiled on May 10 2020
JVM:          1.8.0_252 (Oracle Corporation 25.252-b09)
OS:           Linux 5.4.0-7642-generic amd64
Does anyone have an idea what is going on? I somehow suspect, that the jar file is not created and can therefore not be opened. What should I look for in the gradle logs? Does it matter that the Kotlin version packaged with gradle is 1.3.72?


09/18/2020, 8:45 AM
can you run with
to get more info? or share a build scan?