John Ballard

02/18/2020, 2:02 PM
I am having a problem I know was seen earlier but I cannot find the post in the channels. Idea has been switching JDK from 8 to 11 when I build / refresh the project. It switches to 11 (the jetbrains jdk) which causes all of the build files to show errors. I don’t see a particular error. I am using the kotlin 1.3 (184) EAP, gradle 661, and openjpa jdk 8, and ideaU 2019.3. Please advise.


02/18/2020, 2:24 PM
Do you use idea jdk to run Gradle?
What kind error so you have?

John Ballard

02/18/2020, 2:25 PM
I don’t have any error messages. The build files just get a whole bunch of wavey red and yellow lines.
I was using JDK11 in the Gradle configuration. I have switched to respect the project jdk, refreshing/rebuilding now…
Awesome. Didn’t realize that it was setup that way from the beginning. Seriously thank you!👍
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02/18/2020, 3:06 PM
if you also run command line gradle there are some other things to do too - if you do I can offer help there

John Ballard

02/18/2020, 4:17 PM
So it appears that I was attempting to switch to the internal idea jdk (11) each time and this caused the problem. I have properly installed an external (adoptopenjdk) and it appears to work fine.