Tasos Stamadianos

02/28/2019, 1:04 AM
hey everyone, I have a source control dependency for a Gradle project, but I can't seem to find a way to step through it in a client application. I'd really like to be able to step through my library so I can debug, but all I have is the ugly decompiled Java code. Is there a gradle setting either in my client application or the library which will package the source so that i can debug the library? thanks!
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02/28/2019, 3:07 AM
I’ve seen this problem with intellij too
same library worked fine when the consuming library was also kotlin
very strange

Tasos Stamadianos

03/02/2019, 7:46 PM
i found a solution, if you find yourself in the "stub view" you can click "Choose sources" in the top right of the window, navigate to a directory with the source code of your library, and once you rebuild you'll be able to step into your library code.