If i call this from another function the fireAndFo...
# coroutines
If i call this from another function the fireAndForgetSuspendFunction(arg) never runs. If i remove the delay it runs. How can i make it run in the background with the delay?
run it on a scope that won't be cancelled in next 5s
I’ve tried a couple of different things, ie running it in Globalscope, same result. The delay can possibly be from minutes to hours since it is lightweight scheduled jobs.
in this case actual delay may be longer (e.g. due CPU slowdown). Don't you run it on mac?
Yeah, developing on a Mac
btw, the fireAndForgetSuspendFunction(arg) has references to objects injected into the containing class and calls other suspension functions. Haven’t really found any good examples of something similar
…if i just println after the delay i see the output, ie println(“Called Me”)
@bezrukov Arrrrrrrghhh! You are right. I let i run for some minutes and it started showing me the expected results
Thanx for the hint! I’ve been debugging like crazy….and it’s been working all the time 😅
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