# coroutines

Ben Madore

02/16/2021, 6:57 PM
I’m building a spring boot web app that receives “events” via HTTP requests, and does some processing then sends them to AWS EventBridge (serverless message bus). These events are “fire and forget” from the producer side, so my app immediately returns a response to the HTTP message. I’ve got it working as such right now, but the IO to call the AWS service seems to slow down. I’d like to batch up multiple Events into a single call to the AWS service. i.e. 5 separate inbound http requests containing Event1-Event5 result in a single outbound request to AWS. Is BufferedChannels the appropriate abstraction for this?

Michal Klimczak

02/18/2021, 7:47 PM
I would says that you should rather look for Flow than Channel, but I'm not a backend guy so might be wrong