I have ``` private val testCoroutineDispatcher = ...
# coroutines
I have
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private val testCoroutineDispatcher = TestCoroutineDispatcher()
  private val testCoroutineScope = TestCoroutineScope(testCoroutineDispatcher)
I try to run suspend function in it
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fun runBlockingTest(block: suspend TestCoroutineScope.() -> Unit) =
    testCoroutineScope.runBlockingTest { block() }
And particular is
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dispatcherRule.runBlockingTest {
      val msg = Gallery.Effects.LoadGallery.run.invoke(this, Gallery.Deps(photoGalleryManager))
I’m getting
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This job is not completed yet
Even if I change it to:
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private val testCoroutineScope = TestCoroutineScope(testCoroutineDispatcher + Job())
I still get that exception, what can I do? If I run test inside the global scope then test pass
Found these cases extremely difficult to solve. Only option I've found is going back to
artifact definitely needs some work.
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Really good ressource on testing is this: https://www.droidcon.com/media-detail?video=481196790
I’m on the stage when I finally understand difference between job and dispatcher. But I still learning the mechanics that happens when launching coroutine in scope, threading around it and etc. The source code is available and it is the best place for truth. But I wonder if there is good course, book or resource where it is just explained step by step.
Another observation if I have next in my test it runs at least 2 seconds
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runBlocking(GlobalScope.coroutineContext) {
      val msg = suspendedFunction()      assertThat(msg).isEqualTo(Gallery.Msg.FilesLoaded(failure))