This is scary. I just published my first blog :pra...
# coroutines
This is scary. I just published my first blog 🙏🏼 . I breakdown the suspend function. Let me know your thoughts!
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I like it. I think you have a typo; you are missing a negation in «Of course my post-compiler example is 100% accurate, but it's pretty close.» Best of luck!
I wrote the ultimate breakdown, I hope this will be useful for you, since you seem to like internals:[…]c/org/jetbrains/kotlin/codegen/coroutines/
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@Ilmir Usmanov [JB] wow thank you so much! I didn't know there was such a doc!! I got my info from talks and the coroutines KEEP 🙂. Maybe consider copying that over to coroutines repo (even if coroutines lib isn't the codegen). Either way appreciated shall read at some point!
You are welcome! The intent was and still is to have it in the main kotlin repo, next to coroutine codegen itself, so I and my colleagues can open the doc when we need it.